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Learn using over 40 different videos and articles, including a 16-video series with customized handouts. Parents and pastors can deepen their understanding and skills at their own pace with one-year access to this powerful resource.
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Equip’s on-demand Parent Course features a 12-video series with handouts and notes designed to help parents talk to their young kids about God’s wisdom for sex, sexuality, and gender. Click to see a preview video and get access today.
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“Understanding Gender Incongruence and Caring for Trans* People” is a 4-session on-demand course designed to help Christian parents and leaders think empathetically and theologically about gender incongruence and equip them to offer God’s love and wisdom to trans people.
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Become a church where gay Christians thrive according to God’s wisdom.

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Sponsor a one-time training, monthly pastor coaching, a church blueprint, or learn more about other ways to support Equip. Your contribution helps us equip Christian leaders to better care for gay people so churches can become places were gay Christians thrive according to God’s wisdom.

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