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Equip’s Most-Requested Resources

Below is a guide of Equip’s most popular courses, video seminars, article series, and personal stories:


God’s Good for Gay People

Read and watch this video article exploring whether the gospel is good news for gay people. Survey the challenges gay Christians face, God’s good and weighty wisdom, and how churches can better love gay people.

5 Strategies for Your Church

Are gay people thriving according to God’s wisdom in your church? Read and watch this video article investigating five common challenges churches face and five proven strategies for becoming churches where gay people flourish according to a traditional sexual ethic.

Why Say Gay?

Read this 4-part series explaining why Equip uses “gay” and “gay Christian.” The series carefully describes the nature of same-sex attraction, addresses common objections to using sexual identity language, and offers a recommendation for the best terminology to use in public ministry.

The Case for Vocational Singleness

Check out this article published in Christianity Today about discernment and vocational singleness. How can our churches raise up more kingdom workers to heal our communities with undivided attention? Our churches need to become places where young adults genuinely discern whether God is calling them to vocational singleness or Christian marriage.

Personal Stories of Beauty and Brokenness

Explore more than two dozen testimonies of gay Christians committed to a historic sexual ethic, parents of gay loved ones, and pastors.

Equip’s Digital Leaders Course

Learn using over 40 different videos and articles, including a 16-video series with customized handouts for parents and pastors. For just $50, parents and pastors can deepen their understanding and skills at their own pace with one-year access to this powerful resource. Preview the videos and handouts, learn about topics covered, read the reviews of parents and pastors, and get access to Equip’s Digital Leaders Course today at

Kids + Sexual Stewardship

Many Christian parents hesitate to talk to their young kids about sexuality. We’ve developed Equip’s on-demand Parent Course to (1) equip parents of kids ages 2-12 with a deep familiarity with God’s wisdom for sexual stewardship for all people and (2) provide practical guides for age-appropriate conversation with kids, broken down by age group. Watch a free preview of our Parent Course, learn about the topics covered, read reviews from parents, and get on-demand access today at

Additionally, our free Parent Conversation Starters help parents begin intentional dialogue about sexuality with children and teens. Each Starter includes step-by-step instructions for parents to (1) prepare for conversation and (2) initiate conversation, broken down by age-group. Check them out here.

God’s Heart for His Daughters: How leaders & parents can better love LGB Women

Did you know that over 16% of Generation Z identifies as a sexual or gender minority, and women make up 3 out of 5 LGBT+ people? Parents and Christian leaders who minister to Christian women making sense of their same-sex attractions are increasingly looking for compassionate and theologically accurate resources. We’ve researched and workshopped best practices for ministering to LGB Christian women, culminating in a half-day seminar titled “God’s Heart for His Daughters.” This Equip-exclusive resource focused on ministering to LGB women according to a compassionate traditional sexual ethic can’t be found anywhere else. Learn more and access the video seminar here.

Eager to start learning today? Read the blog series written by the author of “God’s Heart for His Daughters” or watch the video seminar on-demand through Equip’s Digital Leaders Course at

Responding Compassionately to Gay Pride and Coming Out

How can Christians respond compassionately and in biblically faithful ways when a friend, co-worker, or family member comes out as gay? How should Christians think about gay pride? Explore these questions and more with “Coming Out & Gay Pride: A Compassionate Christian Response.” You can even host an event at your church in anticipation of Gay Pride Month in June or National Coming Out Day in early October. Check out a preview of the seminar here.

Eager to start learning today? Watch the video seminar on-demand through Equip’s Digital Leaders Course at

Leveraging Vocational Singleness

What is vocational singleness? Why does God call people to vocational singleness? Read and watch this video article to deepen your vision for how God wants to use singleness, whether temporary or lifetime.

Church Support for Vocational Singleness (& Christian Marriage)

Read and watch this video article surveying how can churches help those called to vocational singleness thrive with reasonable effort (regardless of sexual orientation). The video also includes recommendations for how churches can better support mixed-orientation marriages (opposite-sex marriages where one person experiences enduring same-sex attractions).

Gay People, the Holy Spirit, & The Church

Read and watch this three-part series about gay people, the Holy Spirit, and the Church. We explore the harmful ways Christians in the past have used the Holy Spirit as a weapon against gay people, key questions about the Holy Spirit and sexual orientation change, how the Holy Spirit ministers to gay people, and how the Holy Spirit yearns to guide the Church.

Made for Intimacy and Family

How has God created all of us for human intimacy in the context of lived-in, lifelong family? Read and watch this video article investigating how Christians can meet their intimacy needs in healthy ways.

Review of Netflix’s Pray Away

Netflix’s Pray Away presents a false dichotomy between ex-gay theology and revisionist sexual ethics, erasing gay celibate Christians who hold fast to historic biblical wisdom while accepting that sexual orientation rarely changes. Read our review and how churches can embody a compassionate and biblical middle way.

Review of Boy Erased

Boy Erased highlights a theologically and psychologically destructive school of thought. The practice of gay conversion therapy has led millions of LGBT+ Christians to lose their faith and contemplate, attempt, or die by suicide. And these ideas and practices continue today, albeit in more subtle ways. The Church must repent of what we have done, and we must make sure it never happens again. Read our review and how Christians can offer gay people something better.

Top 10 Qs for Pastoring Gay Christians

When consulting with churches about better 1-on-1 ministry to gay people, we repeatedly get the same questions. Do people choose to be gay, or are they born gay? Does God make people gay? Does sexual orientation change? Should Christians call themselves gay? How can gay Christians address their loneliness? What good future can gay Christians hope for? Check out this resource for our answers to these questions and more!

What’s an Equip Blueprint? Why should every church get one?

We’re convinced every church should complete Equip’s signature Blueprint Process. Parents and teens are asking questions about God’s wisdom for sexual stewardship. Deconstruct-ers and not-yet-believers are judging the goodness of God based on how Christians treat gay people. You’ve got to get this right. As the premier consulting and training solution for churches aspiring to be places where gay Christians thrive for a lifetime according to a traditional sexual ethic, we’re here to help. Let us leverage decades of personal and professional experience to walk with you, step-by-step. Read more here.

Why are churches struggling to minister to gay people? How can Equip help?

Gay teens spend an average of five years in the closet making sense of their sexuality, often without the love and wisdom of parents and pastors—left alone with the lies of the Enemy and culture. This leads to loneliness, anxiety, shame, depression, sexual sin, addiction, abandoning God’s wisdom, suicide, and loss of faith. Gay teens are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers, and 54% of gay people have left the Church. The wounds of the closet become the greatest barrier to gay Christians thriving according to a historic sexual ethic, haunting them for a lifetime. Read more here.

What does Equip believe? Why?

In a few words, with a few verse references, here is what Equip believes about God-honoring sexual stewardship for all people and God’s love and wisdom for gay people.

How do we share the gospel with gay non-Christians?

First, confess the sins of the Church. You don’t have to apologize for (or abandon) a historic sexual ethic, but we should confess the ways Christians have been complicit in hate crimes and propagated ex-gay theology that led millions of LGBT+ people to lose their life or faith. Read more here.

Stories of Impact

Hear from pastors and parents who’ve been impacted by the work of Equip. Read their stories of putting what they learned with Equip into action and the difference it made in their families and churches.

Equip’s Gender Incongruence Course

“Understanding Gender Incongruence and Caring for Trans* People” is a 4-session on-demand course designed to help Christian parents and leaders think empathetically and theologically about gender incongruence and equip them to offer God’s love and wisdom to trans* people.

Gender Incongruence Course graphic



Check our our Core Offerings to see the 10 topical seminars offers churches, ministry groups, and Christian colleges and universities.

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