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Equip’s Parent Course NOW ON-DEMAND

Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and godparent struggling to teach the young kids in their lives about God’s wisdom for their sexuality and gender wants to hear those comforting words from Matthew 25:23, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

But those tasked with discipling the next generation feel overwhelmed and out-matched by cultural influences seeking to distort God’s wisdom. YouTube videos, your child’s favorite cartoon, internet ads, your child’s teachers, and even friends on the playground frequently bring up sex, sexuality, and gender. Even when you work hard to limit these influences on your kids, every day brings another seemingly unavoidable moment when culture’s sexual and gender ethics impact your young kids. As a Christian parent, you are overwhelmed, fearful, maybe even frozen. How do you talk about these things in a compassionate but biblical way?

Every one of your kids is going to be confronted with the world’s broken ideas about gender and sexuality, and each of your kids needs to hear from you, their parent, how to respond to that brokenness with God’s wisdom.

But many, maybe most, Christian parents aren’t sure how to best teach their kids about God’s wisdom. Some parents and caretakers avoid conversations about sexuality and gender with their children, leaving kids to wrestle with various kinds of sexual brokenness on their own. Others recognize the urgency but are afraid of being ineffective or irrelevant because they say the wrong things.

Christian parents and other caretakers want to hope with assurance that their kids will thrive according to God’s wisdom. They’re eager to find the relief that comes from knowing what to say and how and when to say it.

Thankfully, you are not alone! A parent just like you developed Equip’s Parent Course, now available on-demand so that parents and caretakers of all kinds can learn on their own schedule.

Get access to Equip’s on-demand Parent Course today to learn how to lead kids in conversation about God’s wisdom for their sex, sexuality, and gender, including practical guides for age-appropriate conversation with kids (broken down by age group).

What will parents learn in Equip’s Parent Course?

Sessions 1 through 4 help parents deepen their own understanding of intimacy, family, discernment, singleness, and marriage. You’ll take a deep dive into theology, Bible verses, and in-depth explanations so you, as a Christian parent, have a firm grasp on how God designed humans for intimacy, where your kids can find that intimacy, what family is, where your kids can find family, how sin and brokenness affect everyone’s sexuality, how God expects our kids to steward their sexuality, what God designed singleness and marriage for, and how you can help your kids figure out which one God wants them to pursue.​

And then in sessions 5 through 8 you’ll learn practical strategies for communicating God’s designs to your young kids. With practical guides and over 50 conversations scripts, you’ll learn how to initiate age-appropriate conversations about God’s wisdom for sexuality and gender.​ These four sessions will provide you with invaluable tools to respond to your kids’ questions and the sex-centric culture that they’re immersed in every day.

In sessions 9 and 10, you’ll learn about kids who experience same-sex attraction, how you can respond if your child comes out to you, and how parents and churches can support gay teens. ​

In sessions 11 and 12, parents learn what the Bible and culture have to say about biological sex and gender, how you can respond to a child that experiences gender incongruence, and some practical strategies for talking about biological sex and gender to young kids.

Parents, let’s learn together. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or frozen in fear, instead of staying silent while hoping someone else will share God’s wisdom with your kids before it’s too late, you can find the confidence and practical guidance you need to have these conversations with your kids and hear those comforting words Matthew 23:25: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

Get access to Equip’s on-demand Parent Course today at

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