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Gay Women Series

Exclusive Resource for Ministering to LGB Christian Women

By Lauren VonCannon

Did you know that over 16% of Generation Z identifies as a sexual or gender minority, and women make up 3 out of 5 LGBT+ people? Parents and Christian leaders who minister to Christian women making sense of their same-sex attractions are increasingly looking for compassionate and theologically accurate resources.

Over the past two years, the Equip team has been researching and workshopping best practices for ministering to LGB Christian women, culminating in a half-day seminar titled “God’s Heart for His Daughters.” This Equip-exclusive resource focused on ministering to LGB women according to a compassionate traditional sexual ethic can’t be found anywhere else.

Parents and Christian leaders can’t afford to ignore or dismiss conversations surrounding faith and LGB women. Silence can lead to loss of faith as LGB women try to figure out what they believe and where they will find belonging. Sweeping generalities and vague answers are woefully inadequate for the complex, multifaceted nature of female sexuality. So how can parents and Christian leaders approach these conversations in winsome and wise ways? Equip is here to help.


“God’s Heart for His Daughters” explores these questions and many more:

  • How are female and male sexuality different?

  • How do false theologies of femininity have a compounding effect on LGB women?

  • How do shifting views inside and outside of churches about women, morality, and sexual minorities affect LGB women?

  • How can LGB Christian women meet their intimacy needs in healthy ways and resist temptation?

  • How can families and churches create spaces of belonging for LGB Christian women?

If you missed the live seminar in September 2021, you can learn from “God’s Heart for His Daughters” on demand through Equip’s Digital Leaders Course, complete with interactive handouts.

What else is included in Equip’s Digital Leaders Course? Learn from over 40 different videos and articles, including a series of 16 videos with customized handouts for parents and pastors. Here are some of the questions Equip’s Virtual Course explores:

  • How can parents and pastors compassionately teach about God’s wisdom for gay people?

  • How can our churches become places where gay people can thrive?

  • How can Christians respond compassionately to coming out and gay pride?

  • What good plans does God have for gay people?

  • When should parents talk to children about sexuality?

  • How can gay people meet their intimacy needs in healthy ways?

  • What part did God play in the development of sexual orientation?

  • How can Christians who are gay identify?

  • Does same-sex attraction change?

  • And much more!

Get access to this on-demand content for just $50. As always, we never want money to be a barrier to Christian parents and leaders learning how to better love gay people according to God’s wisdom. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about scholarship access.


Ready to learn to better love LGB women according to God’s wisdom? Get on-demand access today!

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