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We at EQUIP are missionary consultants sent by the giving of churches like yours to coach your church through a three-stage process. Our process is designed to partner your understanding of the culture and needs of your church with our expertise.





Pastors are overwhelmed, scared, and alone—afraid to say or do the wrong thing but pressured from all sides to take action. Meet with Pieter for free to share your stories and gain confidence—you’ve got an expert on your side.




Once you’ve met with Pieter and brought fellow staff and lay leaders in on the conversation, get your church’s BLUEPRINT. Let an EQUIP Team Member walk 8-10 pastors and lay leaders at your church through our core content so that you can gain deeper understanding and skills, identify the need in your church, cast a vision for your church, and outline a BLUEPRINT for realizing that vision.




With ongoing support from EQUIP, implement your BLUEPRINT to teach and support lay leaders, parents, teens, and those who experience same-sex attraction in your church.



Let’s get started—set up a Huddle today.

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