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Conversations Worth Having

In addition to Equip’s Blueprint Process, we offer 11 other topical seminars. Take your first step or next step with one of the training and teachings described below. 

Each can be customized for a small group of pastors, larger groups of church leaders, teens, parents, young adults, or an all-church forum. Offerings can be delivered in person or virtually, although in-person trainings are recommended. Suggested teaching times are included, but each offering can be tailored to your community’s needs. 


Our core offerings can be delivered virtually or in person

Sexual Stewardship for All

Consider how God has called everyone to steward their sexualities, regardless of sexual orientation.

50 min, 90 min, or Half-day

Responding to Gay Pride & Coming Out

Explore how Christians can respond compassionately when someone shares their sexuality and during Gay Pride Month.

25 min, 50 min, or 90 min

Kids + Sexual Stewardship

Examine how parents can lead kids ages 2-12 in conversation about God-honoring sexual stewardship with Equip’s Parent Course.

Half day, Full day, or Weekend Conference

Responding to Convincing Arguments for Revisionist Sexual Ethics

Investigate how Christian leaders can respond winsomely to the best arguments for a progressive sexual ethic.

50 min, 90 min, or Half-day

Practical Support for Celibacy & Mixed-orientation Marriages

Explore concrete steps churches can take to bolster gay Christians walking out vocational singleness or opposite-sex marriage.

25 min, 50 min, or 90 min

Leveraging Christian Singleness

Study biblical wisdom about vocational singleness and how churches can promote thriving regardless of sexual orientation.

25 min, 50 min, or 90 min

Winsome Witness to LGBT+ People

Learn to share the gospel with LGBT+ non-Christians and minister to gay Christians committed to a progressive sexual ethic.

25 min or 50 min

Top 10 Qs for Pastoral Care to Gay Christians

Consider soft skills for better ministry and key questions in one-on-one discipleship.

50 min or 90 min

God’s Good for Gay People

Survey the challenges gay Christians face and God’s good and weighty wisdom.

25 min or 50 min

God’s Heart for His Daughters 

Learn how to better love and minister to LGB women according to a historic sexual ethic. 

50 min,  90 min, or half-day

Understanding Gender Incongruence and Caring for Trans* People

Learn how to think empathetically and theologically about gender incongruence and offer God’s love and wisdom to trans* people.

90 min, half-day, or full day

Start compassionate and theologically accurate conversation in your church.


What’s the Challenge?

Parents of gay kids are asking pastors like you for help. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, scared, and alone—afraid to say or do the wrong thing but pressured from all sides to take action.

Pastors are spread thin across many priorities, but still need more expertise to confidently lead these important conversations. Equip is here to carry some of that burden as you do the hard work of educating your congregation about sexuality and caring for each family’s needs individually.


Average number of years gay teens spend in the closet without the love and wisdom of parents, alone with the lies of the Enemy and culture.


Gay teens are at 5 times greater risk of attempting suicide compared to their straight peers.


The percentage of LGBT+ people who grew up in the Church and have left the faith.

See our solution

With Equip, you have a subject matter expert on your side. We’ll help your church prevent the wounds of the closet, raise the bar for sexual stewardship, and ensure that vocational singles find lifelong family, not loneliness—through long-term partnership that leads to long-lasting results.

Beginning with the signature Equip Blueprint Process, our team will leverage decades of personal and professional experience to walk alongside church leaders step-by-step. Together, we will anticipate landmines, develop a careful strategy customized for your church, and get real, long-lasting results through an ongoing partnership.

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