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Provide parents with confidence and peace in conversation with kids about God’s wisdom for their sexualities.

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Serve with us by assembling care packages, snacks, and notes of encouragement for LGBT+ teens and young adults experiencing homelessness during the holidays.

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About the Parent Course

Course Objectives and Content

Many Christian parents hesitate to talk to their young kids about sex, sexuality, and gender. We’ve developed Equip’s on-demand Parent Course to (1) equip parents and caregivers of kids ages 2-12 with a deep familiarity with God’s wisdom for sexual stewardship for all people and (2) provide practical guides for age-appropriate conversation with kids, broken down by age group.

  • Sessions 1-4: Deepen your understanding of intimacy, family, discernment, singleness, marriage, sin and brokenness through a deep dive into theology and Bible passages
  • Sessions 5-8: Obtain practical strategies for communicating God’s wisdom to your young kids with a guide that includes over a dozen scripts for talking to young kids about sex, sexuality, and gender
  • Sessions 9-10: Learn about kids who experience same-sex attraction, how you can respond if your child comes out to you, and how parents can support gay teens
  • Sessions 11-12: Explore what the Bible and culture have to say about biological sex and gender, how you can respond to a child who experiences gender incongruence, and practical strategies for talking to young kids about biological sex and gneder
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