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We equip pastors and lay leaders with the understanding and skills to confidently and compassionately minister to those who experience same-sex attraction. Why? So that those in your church who experience same-sex attraction can grow in their relationships with God and thrive in community with others. Here’s what you’ll get:



Expanded Pastoral Skills

Supplement your pastoral care skills with powerful principles for walking alongside those who experience same-sex attraction


Theological Confidence

Reinforce your traditional Christian theology of intimacy and sexuality to gain confidence to engage in respectful and robust conversation about sexual ethics

Deeper Empathy

Deepen your understanding and empathy for the stories of those who experience same-sex attraction





A Welcoming Posture

Discover God’s posture toward marginalized people so that we can adopt a posture of welcome toward LGBT+ people


A Vision for Community

Learn how to become a community where all people can find family in the Body of Christ, gay or straight, married or single



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