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Welcome to EQUIP’s new Virtual Course!

Read the Virtual Course How To, click to skip to Additional Resources, or continue scrolling for a series of 16 videos and handouts, customized for parents and pastors.

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16-Video Series with Customized Handouts


Explore sexual orientation development in teens and how that can inform care.


Appreciate how God has called all people to steward their sexualities and how that is good for LGBT+ people.


Recognize the challenges churches face and a vision for becoming churches where sexual minorities can thrive according to a traditional sexual ethic.


Prepare yourself to respond with the love and compassion of Christ.


Supplement your soft skills for walking alongside sexual minorities.


Watch “God’s Heart for His Daughters” presented by EQUIP’s Lindsey Snyder


How can you respond when someone comes out to you?


How does same-sex attraction develop?


Does same-sex attraction change? 


What part did God play in a person’s same-sex attractions?


What does God think about LGBT+ people? 


How do we invite God into the conversation? 


How should Christians who experience same-sex attraction identify? 


How can we manage shame well? 


How can we effectively refrain from unwanted behavior?


How can LGBT+ people meet their intimacy needs in healthy ways?


What future does God offer LGBT+ people? 


Additional Resources


What has God created each of us for? How do we meet our needs for connection and community?

How can Christians leverage their singleness for the kingdom?

Are people born gay or do they choose to be gay? What part did God play in our sexual orientation, and why? Will our sexual orientation change?

The Holy Spirit promises to, dwell in us, guide our thinking, comfort us in suffering, empower us to live counter-culturally, and sustain our faith through sanctification.

The Holy Spirit calls the Church to repent, guides our theology, empowers us to offer something better, and provide hope through difficulty.

What terms we use and what we mean when we use them.

Check out Executive Director Pieter Valk’s suggestions for further reading on topics of sexuality and gender.


What we believe and some scripture references.


Gay people often feel like God is far away, but they desperately want to feel close to God. How can Christian leaders care for gay people in this space?


How can churches help single people find life-giving family in the Body of Christ?


Why did Christians wage a culture war? And what should we do differently going forward?


Read Lindsey’s story and why resources by gay Christian women for parents and pastors is so needed.


How can parents and pastors nurture a relationship with Jesus while gay women navigate their sexuality?


Is it a sin to experience same-sex attraction? What do we do with shame?


How does EQUIP balance grace and truth, and what are the pitfalls of sacrificing either?


Is it really fair to invite LGBT+ Christians to consider lifetime singleness?


Should we treat same-sex sexual sin the same as opposite-sex sexual sin?


Read the story of a gay Christian who stewards his sexuality according to a traditional sexual ethic.


Read Rebecca’s story being a bisexual Christian and seeking to serve in her church.


Does same-sex attraction change? Should gay Christians seek to “pray the gay away”?


The ministry of Jesus was strategic: how can the Church learn the life of Christ and apply that to our ministry to sexual minorities?


Read this story of two gay Christians on the same path, separated by 40 years.


Is the average church offering LGBT+ people something better?


What challenges do Christians who experience same-sex attraction face?


What is EQUIP’s vision for the Church?


How can John 9 inform the way Christians think about same-sex attraction and how God intends to redeem brokenness in this world?


How did Jesus redefine “family” and how can all Christians—gay or straight, married or committed to celibacy—find family in the body of Christ?


In what order should Christians invite LGBT+ people to enjoy family, have conversation about theology, and expect discipleship?


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