We've partnered with the Oasis Center to provide packed meals for at-risk youth in Nashville, many of whom are LGBT+ and homeless. Sign up to purchase some of the materials, assemble the lunches together, and pray over the youth they will serve.


Host a dialogue with your friends about how the Church can better love and serve LGBT+ people using our new Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) Kit. Download the KTC Kit, connect with our KTC Coach, and start inviting your friends!


Get trained on your schedule using our new Self-Guided Content Platform: 15 content-rich videos + handouts and 10 challenging articles answering your biggest questions. Click below to see a sample and pricing information.


Over 1,200 Christian Leaders Trained


85% feel ready to have respectful conversation about sexual ethics

90% feel better prepared to minister to sexual minorities

94% found EQUIP trainings to be effective or very effective



Ethos Church, Nashville: "The training was insightful and informing on how we as followers of Jesus, walk in love, confidence, empathy and authority with anyone who experiences same-sex attraction. EQUIP trains you to be informed well, so you can think and minister well in a culture that needs the church to faithfully represent Jesus in both His words and His ways."


Lipscomb University, Nashville: "From theology to honoring relationships to appropriate language, EQUIP has an extremely helpful spectrum of insight and direction. We were, and continue to be, thankful for this opportunity to learn and were very impressed with EQUIP's vision and purpose."


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