Our mission is to help churches become places where LGBT+ Christians could belong and thrive according to a traditional sexual ethic.



We yearn for the Church to become a place where children hear their parents and pastors talk about same-sex attraction in theologically accurate and compassionate ways. So that when, in late elementary school or early middle school, some children realize they are attracted to other boys and girls of the same sex, they no longer respond with shame, fear, or hiding. Instead, we desire for them to share with their parents and pastors because they have heard that God still loves them and has good things for them.



  1. God calls the Church to love and serve those who experience same-sex attraction regardless of what their journeys look like.

  2. God loves LGBT people and values the gifts, talents, and fellowship they can offer the Body of Christ.

  3. God promises a lifetime of sanctification and provision of fullness through Christ to all who seek faithfully.

  4. People do not choose who they are attracted to, but they can choose how they respond. While we affirm and teach from a traditional sexual ethic, we respect all people's right to follow their own paths.

Learn more about what we believe here.



EQUIP does not promise change in a person’s same-sex attraction. EQUIP does not advocate for reparative therapy or sexual orientation change therapy. Learn more about our perspective on “pray the gay away” practices inside churches and counseling centers here.



Equip the Church in Nashville to love those who experience same-sex attraction

Pieter Valk
Executive Director

Pieter established EQUIP in the summer of 2014.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University with Highest Honors in Chemistry in 2013. After graduating, Pieter studied at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for a year with a focus on Lay Leadership and Culture-making. As a fellow of the Boston Fellows Program, he worked as a ministry development intern and completed a 26-week Pastoral Counseling course on relational and sexual brokenness. In 2016 Pieter graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, with his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

In addition to his work with EQUIP, Pieter provides counseling services to LGBT+ students at a local Christian university.

Pieter is motivated by the pain and beauty of his story and the stories of fellow gay Christians submitting their sexualities to the Lordship of Christ. Learn more about Pieter’s story here.

EQUIP is stewarded by a Board of Directors. Contact them at theboard@EQUIPyourcommunity.org.


Amber Carroll
Volunteer Engagement Director

Amber joined EQUIP in January of 2018.  She leads the prayer team, manages volunteer opportunities, helps edit EQIP’s content, and occasionally co-teaches.

She graduated from Union University in 2008 with a BA in English and Secondary Education.  After graduating, Amber taught grades 7, 9, 10, and 11 in the public school system for five years, and then taught middle-school students in an after-school program for a year.  With the birth of her first child, Amber left teaching to more fully embrace the Mom Life.

This work matters to Amber because one of her closest family members is gay, and she’s seen firsthand some of the ways the Church didn’t offer the things he needed to thrive in his faith.  Amber also has kids, and if one of them happens to be gay, she wants them to grow up hearing from the Church that God loves gay people and has good things for them. Learn more about Amber’s story here.

In addition to her work with EQUIP, Amber is the Administrative Assistant for Resonate Church, mom of two, and avid cookie-decorator.



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